How to update MS.NET Classifieds Starter kit Template in VS2005?

I installed Classifieds Starter Kit Beta Version before. Today I just found there was a Final version come out. I downloaded the new one and double clicked the .vsi file and installed. But later I found there are two Classifieds Starter Kit templates and their names are the same in my VS 2005.

So, how can I delete the old template?


1: Although I cannot delete a template I can offer a work around. The “final” version of the template creates tables that begin with “classified_” (e.g. “classifieds_Ads” and “classifieds_Location”). In may case the second download was listed after the first one in the template list. Create a new site using the second entry and check to make sure that the files have the “classifieds_” prefix.

2: I was able to delete the beta starter kit by deleting the zip file in C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Web Developer. There will be one with the “class-final” name — that is the one you want to keep.
(must delete the template .zip files phasically and must delete the files under both C# and folder,It is valid if you just moving, changing the template files )