How to Renew Canadian Passport in Canada 2016

The government services might be changing year by year, so every time when we do something about our personal ID stuffs, we will have to refresh our brain and check their newest policy.

Let us check how the Canadian passport renewal is. Luckily, Canadian government provides good online service, which is not hard to handle the passport things.

1: Find government introduction information:

The official cic.gc site official passport renewal webpage is here (We strongly recommend you read Canada government official site to get details and exact instruction information, all information on our website is just for the information which we are experience for our case, maybe NOT fit for your case! ), we can see the renew passport is ONLY available to adults, children’s passport always need a new one if it is expired. Because children is growing up fast ? this is a reasonable reason which I guess personally;


2: Read more official information:

Due to official How to renew adult passport, we also see we have different options if we are applying passport from different countries: Canada, USA, and other places; for our case, we select Canada.



If you need your passport within the next 20 days, you need to apply in person at one of the Passport office locations, You can not submit application by mail; otherwise, you can use mail way, or go to the Passport office, or any agents which officially specified;

Also, If you already have a passport, it will be cancelled and must be submitted with your application. A cancelled passport cannot be used for travel.

And, if you also submitting an application for your child, you have to follow the guide of How to apply for a child’s passport.

3: Take passport photos:

After you read some information which mentioned above, you know you will have to complete some paper works (filling application forms), but before doing those, you’d better find a chance to take passport photos, because either renew passport or apply for new passport need two passport photos. We normally go to Costco to take professional passport photos;

4: Find 2 references:

Tell your friends about your passport applications, let them know and if they allow, you are going to use them to be reference. You need two references.

References must:

Have known you for at least two years
Cannot be family members
Must be 18 years of age or older

5: Find a guarantor for your child:

You need to find a guarantor for child’s passport with signing paper work later.  The guarantor must have known you personally for at least 2 years, also he/she must have knowledge of the child.

The good is: the guarantor can be a family member or any individual living at your address.;

About more requirement information about reference and guarantor, please read government official website here.

6: Fill application forms:

Download the application forms for your renewal and for your child’s new application from government website. and fill them on your computer, or print out and fill by pen;

7: Gather all necessary document:

Citizen certificate, old passport, proof your parentage… etc, please read official website;

8: Submit applications and pay fee:

Depends on your status and your case, you choose a submit method yourself: In person, or by mail, but you need to pay the fees;

Double check all the information from government website, to make sure you have done all steps, then you just wait for your new passports.