How to Disable Laptop Touchpad When USB Mouse Present

When we use laptop with an external USB mouse connecting, the touchpad of laptop is enabled by default. During your typing the touchpad might break your works because your motions of fingers might cause the touchpad affecting or because of your fingers touching the touchpad causes messing your inputting.

So we want to disable the laptop touchpad when we have an external USB mouse present since we do not need the touchpad to work.

We have an article Disable Dell Studio Laptop Touchpad on Windows 7 previously. Today we are going to show how to set on Windows 10.

How to disable laptop touchpad on Windows 10 when USB mouse present ?

Our case is still using a Dell laptop.

1: Settings –> Devices –> select Mouse & touchpad on the left panel, then scroll down the window, click Additional mouse options on the bottom.


2: Now we see the Mouse Properties settings, click “Click to change Dell Touchpad settings” on the bottom:


3: On DELL pointing devices setting window, select Mouse image on the top panel to switch to the mouse setting, check on “Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse present”, then click Save button.


The settings on Windows 10 is done, now your Dell laptop disabled touchpad automatically when USB mouse connected.