How to change credit card PIN ?

You have a new credit card with IC chip ? Yes, then you need a PIN when you purchase.

Normally, the PIN sent from credit card company is difficult to remember for you. Fortunately you can change PIN ! and you can change from time to time.

The following are CIBC Visa Card PIN changing steps (from CIBC official website):

You can change your CIBC Visa Card PIN at any CIBC Instant Teller® in a few easy steps: 

1. Insert your CIBC Visa Card into a CIBC Instant Teller
2. Select “PIN/Password Options” at the bottom right corner of the screen
3. Select the “Change Existing ABM PIN” option and follow the prompts

More details information, please check CIBC official site here: How to Use Your CIBC Visa™ Credit Card With Chip Technology