How to BUY on WagJag

Maybe somebody like me, never used Group purchase website, so I never known how to “BUY” thing from those website like Groupon, Wagjag.

Actually, please note those group purchase website normally NO REAL ITEM for selling, they ONLY sell something like coupons, vouchers, and, you have to redeem the coupon or voucher to get real item by yourself – this is the experience when I used WagJag recently.

I almost did not know I should redeem the voucher by myself, and I almost missed the email with the voucher that WagJag sent to me after I ordered something several days later.

So, if you are also newbie for WagJag, Please following the following steps:

1: First you visit WagJag website to look at one or more deals, if you want to buy, there is a “Buy For $xx” button you can click;

2: If you have not registered on WagJag, you need to register first;

3: You follow all steps for this purchase such as billing address, your credit card information etc. Unfortunately by I write this post, WagJag has not support PayPal yet;

4: After you done the purchase process, you will receive an Email to confirm your order, however you have to know WagJag just sent for confirmation, the deal will not be activate until enough people sign up the deal, and your credit card will only be charged if the group is big enough to activate the deal ;

5:  Maybe you have to wait several hours to several days, you will receive another email with voucher, and you have to visit WagJag website and login your account, and print out the voucher from your account to go to store to buy real item, or if the item can be purchased online, you do not need to print the voucher, just input voucher number on the target website directly to get real item;


Then, input your information like name, address, email…



The whole purchase process is done now.