How to Avoid Laptop Go to Sleep When Close Lip on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

Sometimes we need our Windows 10 laptop (Including 8.1/8/7) to keep working even we closed its lip. Almost all laptops set going to sleep when the laptop lips are closed by default, most of tablets are doing same way.

The main reason is for power saving, also Windows system set a sleep mode to save other resources which are related laptop hardware.

Why We Want to Avoid Laptop Go to Sleep When We Close Its Lib on Windows ?

We have the following common cases of needing laptops keep running:

1: We connect the laptop to one or more external big size monitors to work more conveniently, we do not need the small size laptop screen; This case is often happened along with the laptop and monitors prices dropping. More and more computer users are just working like this at present;

2: We are testing a long term running system but we do not need to watch screen;

3: We have a game is running and we do not want to it stops even we go to sleep;

How to avoid Laptop Go to Sleep When We Close its Lib on Windows ?

We provided a post How to NOT Going to Sleep When Close Laptop Lip in Windows 8 before when we used Windows 8 system (Windows 8.1 was not released yet at that time). Actually no matter Windows 10, or Windows 8 / 8.1, or even Windows 7, we have the same steps to set laptop to avoid going to sleep:

Search “Power Option” in Searching box –> Choose what closing the lip does on left panel –> Set “Do Nothing” for “When I close the lid” option:

How to avoid laptop going to sleep when close lip

The setting is done.