Hotmail upgraded to formally ?

Couple of weeks ago we got to know Microsoft was trying to change current Hotmail to new style email system with more “Cloud” features, and soon we saw the hotmail UI had already changed to a new face.

Today, when we access to your Hotmail and Live account, we saw the formal upgraded message first:


Your Hotmail has been upgraded to

Don’t worry. Your email address, password, emails, contacts, and files remain the same—with a few added advantages:

Outlook is modern—you get a fresh, clean design that’s intuitive to use.

Outlook is connected—your conversations come to life with your friends’ photos, Tweets, and recent Facebook updates.

Outlook is productive—you get free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps built in with 7 GB of free cloud storage.

Outlook is private—you’re in control of your data, and your personal conversations aren’t used for ads.

And, of course, Outlook gives you virtually unlimited storage and less spam—and works on your PC, Mac, phone, and tablet.


So it means the Hotmail and Live email system have already been changed to formally ?