Global Top 10 Search Keywords in 2015

Due to Google’s data, The Top 10 Search Keywords in all over the world is in the following list:

1  Lamar Odom
2  Charlie Hebdo
4  Jurassic World
5  Paris
6  Furious 7
7  Fallout 4
8  Ronda Rousey
9  Caitlyn Jenner
10 American Sniper

(from Official webpage)

Here we give simple introduction about the top 3 keywords:

Lamar Odom is the former NBA star. His name got the No.1 searching in 2015 should be related with his unconscious in a brothel and was hospitalized;

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical weekly magazine. There was a terrorist attack with 12 dead targeted its office in 2015; is a multiplayer action game via internet, it is simple but interesting. From web browser version to mobile version, it was the top searched game in 2015.