Geko E100 Dash Camera Sample Video

There is one cheap and not bad dash camera from Bestbuy Canada. The on sale price could be $49.99 or $59.99.


  • 1080p Full HD video quality at 30fps (Don’t believe this, the video quality is not like 1080p at all, even not 720p)
  • 120-degree wide angle
  • 1.5" LCD display for reviewing footage immediately
  • Supports motion detection mode
  • Automatically records on a continuous loop
  • G-sensor enabled recording ensures once an impact, drastic braking, or a sharp turn is detected,
  • 8GB microSD card


Geko dashcam is price cheap, but it provides necessary functions which most drivers wanted: not that bad video, loop, auto start and end, G-sensor, and motion detect.

If its video quality can be improved a little bit, that will be better.

1: Day time:

It was a cloudy day:

2: At night:

3: At dusk:


Of course, if your budget and be around $100 dollars, you can consider other dashcam since Geko can not give you a clear quality video especially at night time.