Find Canada School Rank 2014

Looking for new house? and want a good school for your kids ?

Fraser Institute School Rank always your 1st choice in Canada, they release school list every year.

Actually, many parents don’t care elementary school rank since junior kids just enjoy their junior life and studying in elementary school, but parents think high school rank is important because children should spend more time on their studying when they go into middle school and high school.

Here is the secondary school list for 2014.

Seems the better secondary schools mostly located in North of Great Toronto Area such as Unionville, Richmond Hill, Markham. but the No.1 St Michael’s Choir is in Toronto.


Also, you can search by city in the same page, the searching conditions could be input on left panel on that page.

The following is the secondary school list in Richmond Hill, ON, 2014


The following is for Marham ON 2014: