Email Maximum Attachment Size

Do you know how big size of files can be attached in your email ?

The email service providers always change their email attachment size limitation.

We collect the information just based on the current rules from the popular email services.



Before you get to know the attachment size, you have to know one point: even your email can send or receive specified size file, but your friend’s email can not receive or send the same or bigger size of attachment, you still can not send bigger file to him/her.


1: Gmail


Send and receive messages up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size.

The answer is from Gmail official site


2: Hotmail:


Attachment size up to 25 MB


3: Yahoo! Mail:


Attachment size up to 25 MB.

The answer is from Yahoo official site India


Actually, We should not compare the email attachment size, it is cloud times, we should compare the cloud service, for example, how big online size for app space ? We will give detail information in another article.

Also, maybe you can read here: Microsoft provids a compare page for Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo mail.