DomainInspect Running Slow ?

If you are a domain player, you might know the domain tool Domain Inspect which created by AntsSoft.

Recently we found it is very slow when we scan even few domains.

We tried to uninstall and clean all settings in register of windows, but it was still slow.

Then we thought maybe the software settings changed, but we tried almost all settings, also we turned off all firewall and anti virus software which we installed on our computer, we were still no luck.

Actually the reason is really about “Domain Inspect settings”, but just we never thought it is the real reason causes the tool to be slow.

There are 2 kinds of settings in Domain Inspect, see below. Program Setting and Internet Setting, but Internet Setting actually loads IE browser’s setting, so we never thought we should changed this setting. Actually the real reason was just because our internet setting


When you open the Internet Setting, go to Connections tab and select LAN settings button


After we access into the LAN settings, we found our Automatic configuration was set to “Use automatic configuration script” by our local host address which set by one software which we installed:


Then we check off “Use automatic configuration script” and check on “Automatically detect settings”, The slow problem of Domain Inspect gone !