DIY: Buy Ticket From AirCanada Website

How did you buy a airplane ticket? Did you order from an agency, or from friends?

Why don’t DIY ? Just visit air Canada official site, book the ticket by yourself, most of time you will find the price is the same as the price which agency provided to you, or even more cheaper.

The official site URL is

The following is their home page. They have kept the similar theme for several years without changings.

Firstly you can choose your country and language if you are not in Canada.


Before you book the ticket, We suggest you register first. The register is free for everybody.

After you registered, you then can start to book a ticket now:

The following is the Fights information sample which the user should input to search, you can input the information includes round-trip or single-trip, departure place and destination, time, and how many persons etc.


When you click the search button, you will see the following search result, here you can find a best one and cheapest one for you:


The next step is the first trip information if your ticket is round-trip


Seats status, here you can order a seat:


The same, you can choose items for return trip.

The next, you can select travel options if you want. You also can ignore this step if you are not interested in them:


Then you will see the review page so that you can confirm all information which you input are correct.


You even can order meals for your fly travel:


The next, it the time that you provide the passenger’s information, you should provide the passenger’s real information: name, address, otherwise, the passenger can not take the plane.


The next is the billing information, here you should provide the person who is going to pay for the tickets.


The next, system will ask you other items which are not important. You just following the steps to continue. And finally submit the order, later you will receive an email notification.

Now you got your Air Canada ticket!