Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Operational Bulletins

With some unknown reasons, it is hard to find Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) operation information from their official website, there is no any menus or links on CIC’s website to direct to their Operational Bulletins page, but actually, the operation information is there, in their website, somewhere, you have to search through searching engine such as Google.

Why we need CIC Operational information?

The answer is simple: we can read CIC’s newest operations guide for all about Canada Citizenship and Immigration stuff which are handling in CIC, so that we know how the CIC officer handle a case such as a family class immigration case. These operation guide normally not published on other public medias such as newspapers or TVs, so there are many “secret” CIC operations which most of us did not know, but you can read them through CIC’s operation bulletin webpage.



OK, for your convenient, and for more chances to get through searching engine, let us give the web page link here.

CIC Operational Bulletins 2012

CIC Operational Manuals

Also, in CIS’s “About Us” page, you can find some information which maybe you are interested in:

CIC about us

Government of Canada’s Immigration Planning Story (which is from About Us page)

Please share more information if you find more. Thanks!