China Government’s New Search Engine

2011 June 20, People’s Daily, a News and Media company which managed by China Government, rebranded their own search engine, the domain name changed from to

Jike, means fastly and quickly in Chinese. People’s Daily said it also chose the name because it sounds like “geek” in English, “representing a computer expert or enthusiast.”

The home page of is just like other search engine page, a searching box is the main content:


Why People’s Daily want to launch their own search engine but not use the biggest search engine in China –, we think they have their own reasons such as content and business. For the government, China can build a robust searching engine easier than other tech companies in China.

The launch ceremony of the new domain name and web search platform of themed “Future, begins immediately” was held in its new office in World Financial Center Monday in Beijing, one year after the running of the beta version. The new domain name “” and the new company logo developed based on the concept of tangram as well as the new web search platform were officially launched on the ceremony.

(General Manager: Deng YaPing)

Chairwoman Ma Li, general manager Deng Yaping and chief scientist Liu Jun of as well as CEO of Sina Cao Guowei, chief scientist of Baidu William Zhang, director of National Geomatics Center of China Li Zhigang, chairman and CEO of ChinaCache Wang Song, president of Qi Xiangdong, Sohu CEO Wang Xiaochuan and President and CEO of Dai Jiangong jointly opened the launch ceremony of the new web search platform of

Taking advantage of its new-comer’s strength, made great breakthroughs in large scale web search technology and launched its web search platform with a multi-billion full-text indexing capacity within one year. This platform utilizes many advanced technologies including high-throughput mega storage and massive parallel processing as well as the latest advances in core search algorithm by its top-tier search R&D team, making the search results more accurate and richer.

“The State requires that we have our own search engine technology with Chinese intellectual property right. If you have grasped this technology, you own the commanding height, especially for internet search engine, because it’s information gateway. If we have mastered this info gateway, we can know better what the public want, I mean common people’s inner voices and needs,” said Deng Yaping, general manager of

The new domain name,, comes from the Chinese words “即刻”meaning “immediate”, symbolizing fast response speed. It also pronounces similarly to the English word “geek”, representing "a computer expert or enthusiast".

The new logo, developed based on the concept of tangram, a dissection puzzle originated from China, takes on blue—the color of sky symbolizing broad developing space, yellow—the color of sunshine which nurtures things to grow, and black—representing modernness and rationality as its basic colors.

The straight cut line of tangram is very special compared with the more traditional curve line in Chinese culture. It creates infinite combination of patterns with basic geometric figures, showing the scientific, rational and modern beauty of cutting-edge technologies. It sparks wisdom and knowledge from playing, a way in line with the life style of the young people in the modern world.
Guests from cooperating organizations including Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Development Bank, China Telecommunications Corporation and National Geomatics Center of China as well as professionals from well-known IT companies such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, Baidu and Qihoo witnessed this significant moment in the development of

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