Downloading Proxy Script Caused Web Browser Stuck

Recently we found our Chrome web browser looks like slower than usual when we tried to open a web page, it was stuck in the first 20 or 30 seconds, or even few minutes when visiting websites but after that the speed could be back to normal. We see there is a message “Downloading proxy script…” (sometimes the message is “Resolving proxy…”) in the bottom left corner of the web browser.

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Where is the Cookie File ?

Here the cookie file is the ‘cookie’ which is generated by web browsers. When we visit websites, we use web browser, no matter your pc web browser, or your mobile phone browser, all browsers normally need a cookie file to store some information on your local pc, but, the web browser need your permit to generate cookie file.

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Why Could not Our Website Be in Google Search Result ?

We made mistake on our website when we tried related SEO features recently. Our mistake made this website was disappeared in Google searching result pages. If people input some keywords which just very matched our website, they would not see our website whatever they turned how many pages on Google.

The reason was the below line of code in .htaccess file which we misunderstood from other website:

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Why do I always See the Same Ads When Visiting Different Websites?

If you like to view online, you might realize you always see the same or similar ads on different webpages from different websites. Is it because your computer affected by virus or does your computer get attacked ?

Let’s answer the question directly first since you are wondering: If you are seeing the ads are Google ads which are put by the website owners, you should not be worried about them, those ads are normal.  Because those ads content are generated by Google, not by websites and their owners. The ads content are un-harmful.

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Google Official Blog

We did not hear about Google Official Blog very often recently since Google released many other great products. But we want still to record the Google Official Blog stuff since we did not have related information.

Google’s official Blog was built on their own blog platform BlogSpot. The sub title is “Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture”, which is interesting for all Google fans all over the world.

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How to Do if Someone else Uses Your Email to Register on Twitter

We only heard that there were strangers used other people’s emails to register on Twitter or hacked existing Twitter account to post some messages which were not from the Twitter owners themselves. Here we do not want to research why those kinds of issues were happened but we just want to know how to handle this issue.

Because, we are meeting the same issue now. Let’s record what we are trying to do now.

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Domain Privacy Protection but Still Expose Registrant Information ?

Domain privacy protection service costs extra money compared to domain renewal fee to “hide” registrant’s information so that private information could be protected due to security handling.

If people want to create website, they have to buy domain name at present (We do not have new technology to create website without a domain name, otherwise you will have to tell everybody your website’s IP address, but sometimes your IP address keeps changing). However, our domain name registrant information are public by default, everybody can see your private information using Whois service.
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Release Physical Disk Space After Deleting MySql Table

(update on March 04, 2016) Our WordPress blog sites got countless junk comments often. The big amount of junk comments were saved by WordPress into database automatically and caused MySql data tables large sized.

We could delete junk comments manually, or we install some plugins to help us, for example the plugin Akismet can protect our site from spam. It is a default and recommended plugin in newer edition of WordPress. However, no matter which way, if you set you will review all comments manually, the junk comments will still occupy your database space, your data tables are still huge. So, what you can do is deleting useless comments manually one by one or use another “rude” way which is deleting all records from comments data table.

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