How to Use Cortana on Windows 10 in Canada ?

We know in earlier editions of Windows 10, Canadian could not use Cortana by default since Cortana did not support Canadian English language. About in November of 2015, Microsoft released newer Windows 10 updating edition, which started to support Canada English in Cortana.

However, there are still many Windows 10 users do not know how to enable Cortana module on Windows 10, Because Windows 10 still does not give users a clear and friendly user interface. When we set Cortana, we might always get confusing.

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A Case of Laptop Boots Failed with 0xc0000001 Error Code

There are different cases we get the Error code 0xc0000001, which normally are related hard disk errors.  But, this kinds of disk error could be fixed using some solutions unless you get very critical error.

We got a failure which was from our laptop booting once time with the error code 0xc0000001, after multiple tries which the Windows system prompted. We finally resolved the issue WITHOUT format our computer or re-install Windows system. The following is our handling process. It could be one of your information if you get the same issue with same error code.

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How to Test Internet Speed Correctly

How do you test your home internet speed or office internet speed ? Do you find your internet testing speed is not match the internet package which you purchased ?

When we buy internet service from ISP (Internet Service Provider), there are at least 2 factors you must concern: Monthly Usage (it is traffic amount in a month, but now most of ISP call it as Usage, so we use the word Usage here) and Speed. Here we only give related topic about Internet Speed.

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A SSD HDD Caddy Adapter Case for Adding SDD on Laptop

The SDD still can not replace the traditional HDD since the cost and stability. We normally buy a 120 GB ~ 500 GB storage size SSD as extra storage disk. We have options to put the SSD into our laptop so that we get 2 “hard drives”: the one is the existing HDD, another one is SSD.

If your laptop came with mSATA slot inside then you are luck to buy mSATA SSD and install directly without removing or replacing anything, but not all laptops support mSATA, then you will have to consider removing or replacing something. if your laptop came with an optical drive, then you have 2nd lucky, you can keep your existing big storage size HDD, remove the optical drive to install a SSD drive there. (Why removing optical drive because we have fewer and fewer chance to use an optical drive, if you have special case which need optical drive heavy usage, then please do not follow this article )

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No Space to Add a SSD in Dell Inspiron 15 i15547-5033sLV SE Laptop

We have a Dell laptop which was bought from Microsoft Store, the model is

Dell Inspiron 15 i15547-5033sLV Signature Edition Laptop.

It was a nice laptop at the on sale price at $399.99 CAD in 2014. We have used it for over 1 years by now. However, we are not happy with its hard driver IO speed, sometimes we found the software loading very slow.

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