IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE Error When Upgrading to Windows 10

Since we installed Windows 7 on our old Dell Studio 1535 laptop, like other Windows users, we also got the Windows 10 upgrading reminder all the time in this year. Recently we realized the free upgrading will be end after July 29, 2016, so we finally accept the Windows 10 upgrading.

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Release Physical Disk Space After Deleting MySql Table

(update on March 04, 2016) Our WordPress blog sites got countless junk comments often. The big amount of junk comments were saved by WordPress into database automatically and caused MySql data tables large sized.

We could delete junk comments manually, or we install some plugins to help us, for example the plugin Akismet can protect our site from spam. It is a default and recommended plugin in newer edition of WordPress. However, no matter which way, if you set you will review all comments manually, the junk comments will still occupy your database space, your data tables are still huge. So, what you can do is deleting useless comments manually one by one or use another “rude” way which is deleting all records from comments data table.

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Delete a WordPress Category Will Delete Posts under It ?

Sometimes we realize we have created too many categories in a WordPress blog site since several years passed. So we want to remove part of categories, but how about our posts which have been set to under the category ? Will they be deleted with the category ?

The answer is No. you can delete a WordPress category, but your posts which related will be kept, but the posts will be move to the default category automatically.

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A Great Screen Capture Tool–WinSnap

We often have to take screen shots when we use our computer, for example, if you want to copy the screen information to share with other people, or if you have a task to introduce a software or your team’s software applications. or if you write a tutorial online, you most possible have to do screen shots, also, you will have to add some markers on those screen shots such as arrows, comments, highlights etc.

We have spent long time to search a good screen capture tool, currently we do not want take screen video captures, but we only want to screen picture captures. so which tool is the best ? What we meant the best is that we want a light-weight, do not like Photo Shop which is a big professional photo software, also we need the tool provides the powerful functions and beautiful screen shots.

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GoGoToTo Alexa Rank Today Feb 09 2016 website did not get good maintain in passed 8 years or even longer time, we are not professional bloggers, we did not update the website regularly either. so GoGoToTo is still a small website after almost 9 years. We know there are lots of good blogger has made their blog website from nothing to be a giant in 8 years. such as Harsh Agrawal, compared to him, we are so failed and lost !

OK, let’s go back the topic, the website Alexa rank today. We had a best Alexa rank at 1,110,038 which was happened on 2011 July.  It is 1,918,259 today, which is a disappoint number.


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Text Ads Service Provider – InfoLinks, Good AdSense Alternative ?

We used to use Google AdSense to support our hosting, domain, internet, phone and office expense. But maybe AdSense is not the only one we can take advantaged, there are other ads distributers in this world, and some of them are really good, people said some of them are the AdSense alternative. but we did not try before.

AdSense generates ads units on your web pages static positions due to your settings, but InfoLinks can use your blog text to be keywords and generate related ad unit and popup a new window, which is using different technology compared with AdSense.

So, Google AdSense, should we try ? Are you happy?

Here is a nice blog which we can start from maybe?