Submit the Netfile in StudioTax

StudioTax is the popular free tax reporting software in Canada which we mentioned previously. Here we just give a sample of submitting the generated netfile  (transmit to CRA of Canada).

How to Generate tax report files in StudioTax?

We do not need to separately generate tax report files in StudioTax. Because StudioTax uses NETFILE wizard to generate .tax file and then transmit the file to government CRA in the wizard and all steps can be finished automatically during the wizard processing.

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Free 2016 Certified Tax Report Software can be Downloaded Now.

We posted “Free Certified Tax Report Software 2016 Preview” previously. We mentioned part of good tax report and returning software were not ready because they were still on Government and related organization verifying and certifying process.

But we just found most of popular software have finished certifying process. Though still there are several of them have not been done, but most of software have gained CRA and Quebec Certified yet, So Canadian residents and all related taxing residents can download and start to use them.

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Text Ads Service Provider – InfoLinks, Good AdSense Alternative ?

We used to use Google AdSense to support our hosting, domain, internet, phone and office expense. But maybe AdSense is not the only one we can take advantaged, there are other ads distributers in this world, and some of them are really good, people said some of them are the AdSense alternative. but we did not try before.

AdSense generates ads units on your web pages static positions due to your settings, but InfoLinks can use your blog text to be keywords and generate related ad unit and popup a new window, which is using different technology compared with AdSense.

So, Google AdSense, should we try ? Are you happy?

Here is a nice blog which we can start from maybe?

How to Search for Items ONLY Ships from and Sold by Amazon ?

Some people only purchase the items what are shipped from and sold by Amazon, because there are many sellers on Amazon,  not all online sellers can guarantee they provide good customer services including return, exchange; even some sellers promise they have good service, but the buyers still think the returning process is not easy compared with a physical store, so, those buyers only trust Amazon, What they purchased from Amazon, they believe mostly will be good enough, and if even they have to return, but the seller is Amazon, it should be OK.

OK, Now let’s learn how to search for those items which only sold by and shipped from Amazon:

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Sign up to Tumblr 2016

How many people know Tumblr is owned by Yahoo ? Maybe we were too ignorant to know Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013. But we really knew Tumblr more earlier, we did not use it just because we did not know how great about Tumblr ran a long-macro-blog compared with people’s personal blogs. until we knew Tumblr created more society feature.

So due to Wikipedia, Tumblr is a “ micro blogging platform and social networking website”, for our view, Tumblr’s social network feature is similar with Twitter, but the big different is Tumblr allow users post longer content than Twitter.

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Free Certified Tax Report Software 2016 Preview

It will be in February tomorrow. Will you want to prepare something for the tax report for 2015 ? February maybe still earlier for a tax reporting work but we can start to collect related information and prepare something now. The one of important things is getting a Tax Report Software.

If you trust a traditional software which you used to use it and you paid every year. such as TurboTax, you can buy now from several retail stores, or you can purchase from Amazon online, the price is around $29.96 with free shipping, also it sold by Amazon itself, not 3rd party business. Check below image to buy one:

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What is Impressions in Google AdSense Report ?

Google AdSense keeps on changing their features, concepts and policies. We have had a post What is Page CTR ? CPC ? RPM ? eCPM ? very early which was about explaination of Google AdSense report key words.

But after that time, Google seems started to use “Impressions” to replace “Views” in most of places in a report, so what is Impression?

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How to apply for Amazon Affiliate Program

You might have already known Amazon, but let me introduce something for newbie: Amazon is an electronic commerce company in US, but it still provides branch websites in different countries. Amazon is also well known by its another famous service: the biggest cloud computing service provider in the world.

Amazon provide their own affiliate service. They do not call Affiliate Program but call Amazon Associates. The most popular Amazon affiliate program is referrals by advertising their products. Currently on Canada Amazon, we can earn up to 8.5% commission; on USA Amazon, we can earn up to 10% commission.

So now let us start to register their Associates. Actually if you have already an Amazon account, you can login using your existing account directly. Here let us ignore the register process.

We use the Amazon Canada website as example, because most of Amazon sites have the similar application steps:

1: Click here to directly go to login page, Or from home page, scroll down the page to the bottom, you will find the Amazon Associates under the Make Money with Us option, click the link:


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Microsoft Store: Kingston 32GB SD Card Class 10 with Adapter $14.99

Almost one month past since Black Friday and Christmas Holiday, most of good deals have already gone, but some stores still provide good deals, maybe the price increased a little bit, but still good deals.

Here is a SD card deal, I personally think the price is good currently compare with other retail sellers. The Microsoft Store, are providing the deal of Kingston 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 + SD Adapter for $14.99 CAD, it is the lowest price in Canada local place.


You could find out similar Kingston 32GB SD card with adapter on which is cheaper around $1 CAD, but those sellers are in Asia such as Taiwan, you will have to wait the item shipped from Taiwan. Also, compared with Microsoft, I am sure I would choose Microsoft Store.