Documents When Travelling with Minor Child without My Spouse

In Canada, normally a child who is under the age of 18 is considered minor child. Minor children need related documents when they travel or travel with adults.

Here we try to collect information which are about what documents an adult must have when he/she is travelling with minor child without the spouse.

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Check Real Time Traffic From Cameras

If we want to know current traffic information, normally we can check Google map or Microsoft’s Bing map with their traffic features. However, do you know you can check more “real” traffic status by cameras ?

In Canada, people can check traffic cameras from online. Most of traffic cameras are set and installed by government.

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada Online Payment

Sometimes we have to pay fees to Government of Canada, especially to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Our government might want to provides enough information to people so they provides multiple ways and links to let people “find a right url link” to pay fee. As result every time when I pay fee, I have to spend some time to find the right url link. Here let me record those links so that I can find back next time. The time is in Feb 2018 (Government website might be variable in different years.)

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Top Canadian Mobile Phone Companies with Their Parent Companies

There are multiple mobile phone companies in Canada. Some of mobile companies change names time to time, also some of mobile companies shut down business, or, some of them were acquired by other bigger companies. So maybe you are confused so much: Which one is exactly a mobile company when you meet a new mobile company ? Is there any parent company beyond them ?

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Tips for Ordering Tires and Rims from Costco

In Canada, people like to buy vehicle tires especially winter tires from Costco since they could have discount prices, also Costco always offer great services. But when you go to their stores, you might realize that is not all stores have your tires in stocked. So you will have to search and order from their website.

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