Cannot Eject USB Composite Device

Normally we should use safety eject USB function in Windows system after we finish the external USB devices such as external hard dirver, so that the external hard driver has a chance to reset the disk head. If we do not do this step, we will have big chances to hurt the external USB hard driver.

But, the problem is: Can you eject your USB device successfully every time ?

The answer is NO.

We have a Windows 7 computer which is for software development. Most of time, after we finished an external USB portable hard driver, we always got failed if we wanted to eject the USB hard driver, the following is the popup error message:


This device is currently use ?

But we tried to close every applications, software and folder explores, it still indicated the device was in use. So is there a “Hide” application or a processes is still using it ?

We did the following steps to figure out:

1: Let us open the Windows Task Manager, go to Performance tab, and click the Resource Monitor… button on the bottom:


2: Now we see Resource Monitor screen:

Go to CPU tab, look at the Associated Handles item on the bottom of current tab screen, input the driver letter which our external USB driver used, in our case, it was G: driver.

After searching, we saw a process named TSVNCache.exe is doing something on G: driver, now we know the reason: It is actually there is something is still using G: (our external hard driver).


3: TSVNCache.exe is actually a program of  the software Tortoise SVN, it is not a virus, a safe program, but we do not need it and can disable it.

We just simply right click the TSVNCache.exe and click End Process.

Note: After you disable the process, you might not see the process disabled, until you close the resource monitor and re-open it.


4: Now we try to eject our USB device again, we should see this time we can eject the USB device successfully:image


So you can do the similar works as the description above, you might have different running processes are using your external  USB device, so please disable your processes.

Good luck!