Canada Ontario Secondary School Ranking 2014-2015

Almost every year we post Canada School Ranking which were released by Fraser Institute. Fraser Institute is a researching organization which researches about how to improve Canadians’ life quality by studying, measuring and communicating the effects of government actions etc.

How people use School Rankings ?

To Canadian people, the best known about Fraser Institute is their yearly school rankings. Canadian parents like to know how their children’s school is in the year and whether the ranking of school is up or down;

However, the more popular usage of Fraser Institute’s school rankings is the mark of a local area of real states pricing level. There are lots of house buyers like to use the school ranking to find a new house. If the schools of an area are good, the price of the houses in this area will be more expensive compared to other areas. If the school ranking is up in a year, the house price in the area will be increasing fast, otherwise, the house price will be dropped.

2014 – 2015 Ontario Secondary School Rankings:

The following is part of the Secondary School of Ontario Rankings in 2014 ~ 2015 year:


You can find more school Rankings and detail information from their official ranking page.