Canada Family Member Sponsorship Immigrant Low Income Cut-off 2016

We had yearly post about Canada Family Member Sponsorship Immigration Type Low Income cut off information, but maybe we missed the data for 2015. Since the time is passed, so here we skip to post the table in 2016. We copied the table from Canadian cic official website.

Federal Income Table, 2016

The following table applies to all provinces except Quebec.

Low Income Cut-Off (LICO)

Size of Family Unit    Minimum necessary income
1 person (the sponsor)   $24,328
2 persons                           $30,286
3 persons                           $37,234
4 persons                           $45,206
5 persons                           $51,272
6 persons                           $57,826
7 persons                           $64,381
More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add    $6,555

(from here)