Add Google AdSense into Top Wide Sidebar in WordPress Suffusion Theme

To add a Google AdSense adv into top wide sidebar area in WordPress suffusion theme. You have different solutions.

Here we list 2 solutions:

1: Using Widget:

Go to WordPress admin panel,  Appearance->Widgets

You can see Wide Sidebar (Top) on right side, drag a Text widget into it.


Click the right triangle on the text widget to expand it, insert your Google Adsense code into the text area:


Save it. Then you will see your Google Adsense adv shown at the top wide sidebar area.

2: Modify file manually:

If you use widget, you will find there is a wrap box outside of your AdSense ads. If you don’t like this box, suffusion theme does not provide an option to remove it.

So we have to find a way to remove it: change file.

The file which you can select might not be only one, here we select the file actions.php, and for our case, we want to add an ads to top right side in sidebar’s area.

opent actions.php and locate the function “suffusion_print_right_sidebars()”, find the following code:

// Show Wide Sidebar Top if there are 2 right sidebars
if ($right_count == 2) { echo "<div id='sidebar-wrap' class='sidebar-wrap sidebar-wrap-right fix'>"; if (!suffusion_is_sidebar_empty(18)) { suffusion_print_sidebar(18, 'wsidebar-top', 'Wide Sidebar (Top)', $suf_wa_wst_style, 'right'); } }

Then add your AdSense code right after above code, for better layout, you might need to add <div></div> to wrap your AdSense code:

div align="center"> your adsense code here </div>


After you add your AdSense code, you have to adjust your Siderbar’s width to match the width of your AdSense.

You have to adjust 2 places for the width:

1: Menu “Other Graphical Elements” –> “Other Graphical Elements”


Scroll down and find “Sidebar Width Settings”, you can change sidebar1 and sidebar2 width here. The width settings reflect to single page’s sidebars

2: Menu “Template” –> “Double Right Sidebars”:

you also should change the width for double right sidebars here. the width settings here reflect to home page’s sidebars