A domainer from Taiwan — Vincent Liao

3 years ago I heard a name “Vicent Liao” from some domain name forums. I just knew this guy was living in Taiwan. I think he is still in Taiwan now.  He owned many top domain names, but I did not see his domain names was for sale. So I did not try to find some information about him.

Recently I see there are many domains for sale from “Vicent Liao”, I suppose he is trying to sell most of his domain names . Why? I just guess some reasons, I don’t know why he sell his domain exactly. one of the reason what I guess is the terrible ecnomic market in all of the world; another reason might be because of NEW TOP LEVEL DOMAIN . Actually the coming of NEW TOP LEVEL DOMAIN hes forced many of Big Domainer changed their mind to sell their current domain names. Because nobody can know clearly what will come .

OK, let me try to collect some information about this Big Domainer and our friend “Vincent Liao”:

1: LLL.net
2: Declare Bankruptcy (自言破产)
3: 8.CC

(Will be continued)