A Chinese Forum thread with a simple title but no content gets 200,000 clicks in 5 hours

A very simple Chinese forum thread in a Chinese World of Warcraft game club forum now becomes a top topic on the China internet. After somebody posted this thread with the title “Jia,Junpeng your mom wants your go home for dinner (or for lunch)” (贾君鹏你妈妈喊你回家吃饭) but without content at Beijing time 10:59 in July 16, 2009, there were over 200,000 clicks in 5 hours, and there are still more and more replies followed. When I wrote this blog article, there are total 8,000,000+ clicks and 311,208+ replies.

“Jia, Junpeng” is an ordinary Chinese boy name . Seemed this boy was playing WoW player in a internet bar somewhere, His mon was looking for him to go home, Maybe this mom asked some friend to post a message in the China popular Baidu WoW club forum to his son. Her friend then posted a simple messge started with merely a title: Jia,Junpeng your mom wants your go home for dinner (or for lunch) and with thread content consists of only 2 letters, namely RT which means as the title suggests. Just this simple thread gained huge amount of clicks and replies in short time.

This is amazing and very interesting.

There have been many related news, artiles, images, forum theads out after the 1st report of this thread. The following are some interesting images about this “Jia,Junpeng” thread: