Text Ads Service Provider – InfoLinks, Good AdSense Alternative ?

We used to use Google AdSense to support our hosting, domain, internet, phone and office expense. But maybe AdSense is not the only one we can take advantaged, there are other ads distributers in this world, and some of them are really good, people said some of them are the AdSense alternative. but we did … Continue reading “Text Ads Service Provider – InfoLinks, Good AdSense Alternative ?”

What is Impressions in Google AdSense Report ?

Google AdSense keeps on changing their features, concepts and policies. We have had a post What is Page CTR ? CPC ? RPM ? eCPM ? very early which was about explaination of Google AdSense report key words. But after that time, Google seems started to use “Impressions” to replace “Views” in most of places … Continue reading “What is Impressions in Google AdSense Report ?”

Put Google AdSense After First or Second Paragraph

Nobody can guarantee a best place to put Google AdSense in your post, The traffic and article content are much more important. Our Google AdSense normally put the left top in a single post. However, today we read Google AdSense performance report and found “OPTIMIZATION TIPS Best practices for ad placement”, the good layout and … Continue reading “Put Google AdSense After First or Second Paragraph”

Google AdSense Site Health Report

Most recent Google AdSense often provides performance report about your website, there are some new concepts but the main seems Scorecard. ScorecardYour scorecard provides you with a summary of how well your ad settings, webpages and content are performing compared to those of other AdSense publishers. The scorecard is organized into different categories, such as … Continue reading “Google AdSense Site Health Report”

Google AdSense for Desktop and Mobile ?

Mobile Platform is more and more important and popular. So we can not only consider traditional platforms for our Google AdSense. The best solution is that let AdSense be able to display on both of Desktop and Mobile platforms. There were some people had their solutions, or made some plugins. Actually, we do not need … Continue reading “Google AdSense for Desktop and Mobile ?”

Google AdSense Updated Payments and Account Settings pages

Google AdSense sent emails to AdSense Users in 2012 Oct 31 which noticed the Google AdSense payment and account settings pages changed, the following is the email content (without the screenshot image below): Hello, You may have noticed some new changes to the "Payments" and "Account Settings" pages in your account. We’ve made some changes … Continue reading “Google AdSense Updated Payments and Account Settings pages”

Google Retiring AdSense for Domains

Recently Google AdSense Users received the email notify from Google AdSense: the AdSense for domains will be stopped soon. The following is the content of the email: Hi, We’re contacting you because you’re using AdSense for Domains to monetize your undeveloped domains. After evaluating the benefits of our partner network, we’ve decided to retire the … Continue reading “Google Retiring AdSense for Domains”